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Trauma in childhood has life altering effects on adulthood. When life is interrupted we develop coping mechanisms to survive as children that no longer work as adults. We can feel 'different' and lost trying to perform and be perfect hoping no one will notice. I help clients with a 16 week  evidence based model called 'STAIR' that teaches you how to regulate difficult emotions and create more sustaining relationships. We will also narrate your story empowering more manageablilty and creating deeper calm and more confidence.


Anxiety can range from feeling edgy to being overwhelmed. It can look like tension, irrational fear and even intrusive thoughts and impulses to harm someone we love.  None of these feelings mean you are crazy. I help clients by teaching mindfulness breathing exercises moving to cognitive behavioral practices that include keeping a worry record, noticing and becoming curious about anxiety and learning strategies to self soothe, tolerate stress and regulate emotions.


When you lose a loved one or even experience significant loss like a job, life loses luster. That lens leaves us in a liminal darkness feeling alone. Some want us to "get over it" or "see the brighter side," but this is just not helpful.   I help people who are grieving to tell their story as many times as they want to make meaning. Learning the stages is helpful but knowing they are not linear is healing. Beginning to sit with the story and see it from multidementionsal sides reframes memory and gets us unstuckt to start moving forward.


According to Dr. Joshua Coleman (author of "Rules of Estrangement"), there is an significant surge of in separations between adult children and one or both of their parents. One survey of more than 800 British adults who self-identify as partly or fully estranged from one or both parents found that it's more often the adult child who initiates the separation. The study reported that more daughters than sons initiate breakups. While the survey found that a sizable majority of adult kids don't expect reconciliation, some parents see glimmers of hope and believe that, with the right approach, they can find a way back into the relationship. But there are right ways and wrong ways to handle a possible reconciliation.  If you are a parent in pain cut off from an adult child, please call a professional with experience to bring clarity out of chaos.

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